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  • 12/17 Christmas Double
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  • 8/6/17 Golden Gate
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    2016 RESULTS


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    Men's 2017 Double Racing Leader Board

    2017 Double Racing Leader Board

    The 2017 season started at the San Juan Bautista, California Christmas Double (December 17, 2016).  Points are totalled for the season ending December 15, 2017.  The top twenty runners with the most points earned during the season will be our winners.  

    Double Racing Leader Board Prize Money Breakdown

    Men and Women receive the same cash prizes. The prize will be presented at the annual awards ceremony in Gilroy, California on Friday December 15, 2017 at the official hotel for the Christmas Double in San Juan Bautista (December 16). If the winner is not present at the awards ceremony, not able to accept the prize money, or does not participant in a double the next day, it will be contributed to future Doubles. There are men's and women's Leaderboard. Runners must be a current Ujena Fit Club member in order to receive cash prizes. All prize money for tied positions will be split evenly between runners.  Click For more details.

    Each runner will receive 10 points for each Double they finish during the 2017 season.

    Chart Code: (1) Position, (2) Name, (3) Age at last Double, (4) Hometown, (5) Number of Doubles completed during season which runs Dec 17, 2016 to Dec 15, 2017, (6) Dollars won from Double Road Races during season, (7) Total points earned during season are based on this scoring system

    Earn Points: The most points are awarded by finishing the Double Road Race 15k. Up to 40 points for finishing the Double 21k. Click on scoring system for details.  Ten points are awarded by just finishing an official Double 5k, Double 8k, Sprint Double, or a Double Adventure Run.

    Double Running - 2017 Men's Leaderboard

    Women's Leaderboard

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    POSNameAgeHometown# EventsDollarsPoints
    47ABEL SEIPLE33Sonora, CA, US1 17
    17ALBERT VILLAREAL48San Jose, CA, US3 34
    22ALEJANDRO MORALES44San Ramon, CA, US1 30
    13ANDREW HELMERS17Pleasanton, CA, US1$75.0042
    36ANTHONY PAMPLIN JR28Pleasanton, CA, US2 20
    63BARNEY SMITH45Livermore, Ca1 12
    61BENJAMIN TING48Burlingame, CA, US1 13
    27BERTRAND NEWSON47, 2 25
    5BOB ANDERSON69 4 82
    42CARL HODGSON32Redlands, CA, US1 19
    60CHARLES POE54Danville, CA, US1 13
    6DAN FURTADO73Newark, CA, US3$25.0060
    35DANA ANSTEY68 2 20
    33DARIN STEPHENS51Pleasanton, CA, US2 22
    40DAVE CUTFORTH41Vienna, OH, US1 20
    24DAVID NORLANDER78 2 28
    56DAVID PARARA53Sonoma, CA, US1 15
    18DAYU TAO32San Francisco, CA, US1 34
    1DWAYNE SPENCER51San Jose, ca6 116
    19EFREN HERRERA42Sunnyvale, Ca2 32
    38ERNESTO ARISTEO38Menlo Park , CA, US2 20
    48ETHAN DUPRIS64San Francisco, CA, US1 17
    52FERNANADO LOERA50San Jose, CA, US1 16
    65GRANT WIELER43San jose, CA, US1 11
    34GREG MANDLER54stockton, ca2 20
    14HANS SCHMID76Greebrae, CA, US1$50.0038
    46HERMAN CHAN35Plesanton, CA, US1 18
    45HUNG JUNG TU44Zhubei, , TW1 18
    11JERRY THOMAS62Salinas, CA2$50.0048
    49JESUS RIOS37San Jose, CA, US1 17
    20JIM ALLEN65San Jose, CA3 30
    2JOHN HENRY62Sunol, CA, US6$25.00105
    31JOHN HOFACRE65Capitola, CA1 23
    50JUAN DIAS41 1 16
    25JULIO MANZO34San Ramon, CA, US1 27
    51JUSTIN RICHTER37Pleasanton, CA, US1 16
    8KEITH HEDLUND54Lafayette, CA, US1$100.0051
    41LEVI PHILLIPS51Campbell, Ca2 20
    21MARCO MORALES29Livermore, CA, US1$25.0030
    58MARGIE SCHMIDT49San Ramon, CA, US1 14
    32MARK BEERING43Louisville, CO, US1 23
    39MARK STEELMAN79Dublin, CA, US2 20
    53MATTHEW JOHNSON34Marietta, CA, US1 16
    30MICHAEL LUTZ56Livermore, CA, US1 23
    59MICHEL THOMATIS41Tracy, CA, US1 13
    55NANDO GONZALEZ38San Jose, CA, US1 15
    29NICHOLAS CHEE51Salinas, CA, US1 24
    7NICHOLAS SPECTOR25Sonoma, CA2$350.0059
    23NIK TEHRANI56Los Gatos, CA, US2 28
    12ORLANDO MORALES37Sunol, CA, US1$125.0045
    9OSAMU TADA36Sacramento, CA, US1$250.0050
    57PAUL CLARKSON46 1 15
    44ROB SHERLOCK50Sonora, CA, US1 18
    4ROBERT PLUMEAU56San Jose, ca3 95
    10ROBERTO PALOS53Sunnyvale, CA, US1$50.0048
    54ROLWIN LEWIS52San Jose, CA, US1 15
    3SEAN CURRY49Livermore, CA, US3$125.00103
    16STEVE CRYER64Falmouth, MA3 36
    64TOMMY MA55pleasanton, CA, US1 11
    43TY BROWNFIELD28San Ramon, CA, US1 19
    62WILLIAM BRADFORD47pleasanton, CA, US1 12
    28WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ40Sacramento, CA, US1 25
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